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Tattoo removal

The basics of removal involve using specific hand movements to open up the skin and plant removal gel into the skin. This does a couple of things it’s going to open up the skin and allow a bleeding to happen and ink to release from the skin right away in some cases. The saline solution is going to cause pigment molecules to lift up and out of the skin through the scab and when the scabs fall off the ink that remains will be either gone or significantly lighter. Lastly the body continues to heal it will continue to eliminate ink naturally through normal processes and color will continue to lighten for weeks to come. 


Is any body tattoo or permanent makeup tattoo eligible for this process? 

Most are but sometimes there are exceptions to that rule. There are certain things that we cannot remove with saline removal. Generally the area has to be small and the skin needs to be in good condition. 


Does it hurt?

Subjective and dependent on the person because each person has a different pain threshold. But generally speaking not more that the original application given that it was done correctly.Feels like a tattoo. 


Does it cause scar tissue or hair loss?

Application is similar to tattooing and permanent makeup application when done correctly should not cause scarring tissue at all in fact I have found in my experience doing remove and needling of the skin that actually improves scar tissue in a lot of cases. So if a person come in with permanent makeup and has scar tissue because it was done wrong and after a couple of sessions with removal I have seen significant improvement in the skin. Nothing that’s being done affects the hair follicles so there should be no hair loss or hair growth problems after the process of tattooing removal. 


How many sessions am I going to need and how long between each session?

 It’s a very involved process and we need at least 4 weeks between sessions because your skin needs to have to to heal. As far as how many sessions that will depend on what you have going on how much ink is saturated. If your trying to get them removed completely or just lightened. So it’s very dependent on your situation. For most cases with permanent makeup it’s at least 2 to 3 sessions and in some cases we are looking at a lot more and every skin condition is different. 

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