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3D Areola Reconstruction

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

I’ve performed many different Permanent Makeup Tattoo procures over 30 years. This included many in China Where I performed a lot of Areola color changing procedures. Most of the time this was performed on women, who after laboring babies, wanted to lighten again their changed now darkened aureolas from giving birth. Here is an example of a 3D Areola Reconstructive tattoo for a breast cancer survivor that I recently performed. She was so happy, she almost cried and she thanked me for the great job and giving her what she had lost in life back to her. This work motivates me tremendously knowing that I can help others and moves my heart so! That so moved my heart no words can describe! I wish to help as many people who need this service as I can. Please tell, share this to your friends! Thanks from my heart to yours and the women I’ve yet to help! #areola #breastreconstructive #breastlift #breastcancer #breastsurgery #breastreconstruction #breastreconstructive #3dareola #breastfeeding #areolareconstructive

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