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MicroBlading Day 1-30



Day 1


There may be redness around the eyebrows and a small amount of fluid from tissue oozing out. You can gently wipe it off with medical grade cotton and apply a small amount of repairing agent or chlortetracycline ointment.


Day 2~3


The color of the epidermis becomes darker, and it looks dark and stiff; it is not natural looking, and some customers think that the eyebrows are too wide or too thick. This is a normal phenomenon, because some of the epidermis has color that will fall off when the epidermis sheds and the scab is removed as the skin heals.  If your skin feels tight, you can apply a small amount of moisturizer with a wet cotton swab to relieve the tightness. Keep the skin moisturized.


4-7 days


During the period of scab removal, due to the different nature of the skin, the speed of scab removal will be different, the color will fade a lot after scab removal, and some lines may appear mottled, but will become clearer as the skin heals. It’s important to keep the skin moisturized so that the color when healed will be more even.


8-15 days


Some customers will experience peeling, which is caused by dry skin. You can apply a small amount of ointment to moisturize the skin, this is important because the peeling will also cause loss of pigment. If the color is light, you can add eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil after 15 days, but avoid the tattoo area with the whitening cream foundation.


16th to 30th day


During the color reversion stage after scab removal, some customers will experience dryness and peeling, keeping the skin moisturized


1 month later


Skin repair is normal, the first operation is 80% positioning and color test, after 2 months, the second adjustment effect will be more perfect.

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