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      Nano Brow & MicroBlading, Which is better for you?


Microblading eyebrow enhancement uses a grouping of needles in a line to effectively create a blade allowing the technician to superficially open the skin, thus creating strokes or hair like shapes. This allows the pigment to fill into those hair-like gaps in your skin. This technique does create more trauma but done properly should not cause scaring. 

Nano Brows eyebrow enhancement utilizes one single needle with a machine that creates small, again superficial, punctures as the technician creates the hair like strokes. Less trauma, and arguably more natural looking. The flexibility and thinness of the needle prevents the pigment from going too deep into the skin. This helps prevent unwanted shadowing. Also due to the extreme thinness of the needle the cuts are very narrow resulting in less scabbing and minimizing the possibility of infection. In addition, because there is less trauma there is often less pain with this procedure. Both procedures are done after numbing cream has been applied first, so neither procedure is generally more painful than waxing the eyebrows. 

Nano Brows will last about 2 to 3 years on average, comparable to Microblading. Nano Brows is better for oilier skin than Microblading as well as it is more suitable than microblading for skin with larger pores. 

              Healing with Nano Brows V/S Microblading? 

Both treatments take about 6 weeks to fully heal depending on many factors like skin type, age, and technician technique. However, the initial redness scabbing and itching last slightly longer with microblading as 

there is more trauma to the skin. 

                            So, which is better? 

To answer this question, you might ask yourself, “what look do I desire?”
Nano Brows gives a more precise thin hair like eyebrow stroke than Microblading.  Each stroke is thinner than a microblading stroke and can more easily fit in with your natural brows. Nano Brows also look more natural on individuals with thinner eyebrow hairs. Nano Brows tends to be a better choice than microblading for individuals with oily skin and those with larger skin pores.


Whichever technique you choose remember that both techniques can give you super realistic looking eyebrows in the hand of a skilled Permanent Makeup Artist!

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